Rogue Piano Compositions for Modern Listeners & Music Lovers

Rogue Notes Treasure Chest

Rogue Notes Treasure Chest

ROGUE NOTES presents a modern musical composer with scores of piano compositions that range from classical to show tunes and beyond.

With more than 35 years’ experience writing, and teaching musical composition throughout the nation and the world, the founder of ROGUE NOTES offers a fresh but worldly voice that truly makes the piano sing in a way that no other modern composer can.

We invite you to open a treasure chest of golden bars – bars of original music much of which you can try on your piano at home. The music chest contains six individual books.  Volumes I and II depict a collection of musical ideas, sketches and notes for the piano keyboard.

Each musical sketch (opus) is intended to be heard via MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface).  CD disks can be found inside back overs of each of these two volumes. Interested music readers are invited to observe for themselves how one composer’s musical MIDI work evolved.

It should be emphasized that each sketch is simply a musical idea expected to be heard not necessarily performed from the composer”s original scores.  Opuses may be fleetingly viewed by the student reader casually following along while the MIDI – CD disks are played.

Rogue Notes Treasure Chest - Illustration

Rogue Notes Treasure Chest – Illustration

Volumes III and IV, on the other had, contain piano keyboard compositions written for more seriously minded students and keyboard enthusiasts.

These two books also contain a varied collection of original piano scores.  Most compositions are legible, readable – some playable, some easy, some hard.  No CD disks exist at this printing.

NOTE!  Opuses #103 A&B, however, are two related piano scores performed by a professional pianist.  The music has been heard on nation-wide radio with considerable enthusiasm.

All scores in these two volumes and for the first time, are now published for the benefit of piano keyboard musicians who might like to try something different.

Volume V, of course, is the exception.  J.S. Bach’s familiar Goldberg 30 Variations has been around more than three hundred years.

This particular score was performed by Ernst Defenbach via MIDI.  The entire classical score, of his MIDI keyboard performance is recorded on the two disks included.

Volume VI contains a few “Bigfoot & Lemon” cartoons drawn by the author/composer.  They are thrown in with the rest – tongue in cheek for those preferring to grin at; an encore bonhomie by that which is seen not heard.

In all, may the curious smile upon this total package of six booklets as an ultimate pure essence of distilled epic!